Q: I would like to visit your shop  Where can I find you?

A: We do not have a shop you can visit. We are an Online Shop only.

Q: Do you sell magic mushrooms?

A: Yes and Mushroom Related Products

Q: Are magic mushroom  legal in the Australia?


Q: Are magic truffles legal in theAustralia?

A: Yes they are. Truffles do not appear on the “opium lijst” a list with regulated substances.

Q: How old do I have to be to order?

You have to be 19 years or older to order in our webshop

Order process and Payment

Q: From which payment methods can I choose?

A: Currently you can choose from:          

Australia Bank transfer (Direct from your account or by using a third party)

Bitcoin. Australian Pay ID And other cryptocurrency

Q: Can I pay by Credit Card ?

A:  Yes. You can Buy Bitcoin Using Your Credit cards 


Q: Do you ship products to other countries?

A: Yes, we ship to other countries. Although, not all products can be shipped to every country.

Q: Which shipment methods do you offer?

A: Currently we offer several shipment methods. They all include tracking and you will get multiple updates to not miss your parcel.

Express shipping

Home delivery

Parcel shop Pick-up point

Free shipping  (above 175,- in Europe only)

Q: How long will it take before I will receive my order?

A: When the payment is completed and in on our account we will send your order within two business days. When you place an order, and choose for the shipping method, you will see what the indicated delivery time will be after shipment.

In rare cases it might occur that we do not have the product(s) in stock. When this is the case we will send you an email regarding when you can expect your order to be shipped. This will never be more than two weeks after you have placed the order. 

Q: How much are the shipping cost ?

A: Shipping cost are different to every country and are calculated in the order process. Want to know your shipping cost? 

Q: Are the package shipped discrete?

A: Yes, there is no reference to our company name (magic mushrooms shop) or to the products you ordered on the outside of the package. No invoice is included the package.